Tale No.11 // The Cool Girl: Bella Freud’s Close To My Heart

Close To My Heart embodies the kind of girl I want to be: witty, collected and cool. From the moment, I slid open the red velvet draw which houses this perfume I knew that submerged underneath its nonchalant charm was an extraordinarily special and extremely well thought out scent. From the beginning, it perfectly personified the tension which surrounds all my ‘cool’ girl muses; seamlessly pulled together but with no hint of effort or care.

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The cool girl scent I keep close to my heart

This is the perfume of a head girl who lights up a cigarette and smokes in the carpark between classes, yet remains the gem of the year getting all A* and a place at Oxbridge. In her Alexa Mulberry bag, she has slung in this modern yet nostalgic opaque red bottle mock embroidered with “Close to My Heart’ along with some lose pens and a leather-bound notebook. She is 100% part of the Bella Fraud crew: kitted out with a lob and wearing one of Bella’s iconic sweatshirts.

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This girl is more Alexa Chung than Kylie Jenner, who I love just as much but admittedly she has a different aesthetic. Appropriate then that this is a scent made for the London scene rather than the Calabasas set. This is the kind of girl who relies on lip balm and winged eyeliner, yet remains captivatingly sensual regardless of the time of day or setting.

It is this girl’s aura which is embodied by the voluptuous tuberose notes, but this fragrance goes above and beyond its floral tones to create something deeply complicated yet somehow simple. It is a rose perfume just not as you know it; the floral rose tones are entwined with sandalwood, patchouli and something smoky which creates a truly unique scent. You’re left with something sexually magnetic in an understated kind of way, lingering on the skin all day becoming ever more wondrous and musky.

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Wearing this scent I too feel part of the cool clique. It makes me want to dress up, almost play the part of the effortlessly unruffled girl who I was not born to be. Two spirits of close to my heart, an old aviator jacket and salt sprayed hair – I’m ready, set and GO! I wear it most weekends when I’m out exploring Soho, Brick Lane or hiking up Primrose Hill with an open beer in hand. It allows me to fake some form of carefree casualness which I just don’t have.


I’m in love with what it represents and who it allows me to be so I will be spritzing this hazily hypnotic rose for the foreseeable future.

I almost imagine that when I’m 65 I will find the box in an aviator jacket pocket, once again slide open the velvet draw and remember a time when I pretended to be fearless, feisty and have not a care in the world – because everyone deserves to keep a London day living life as a cool girl close to their heart.

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May 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.11

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