Tale No.10 // Clueless’ Virtual Closet for MakeUp: Estee Edit 30 Shades In 30 Seconds


When I was, younger I was obsessed with Clueless and I was even more obsessed with Cher’s closet, which allowed her to try on her outfits virtually before picking out the most sartorial savvy option. I imagined scrolling through my collection of Topshop apparel every weekend on what I suppose we would now call an IPad. However, even in my youth, I was more enchanted by cosmetics than clothes and therefore whilst it was cool – what I really wanted was a closet where I could try on Makeup!

Cher with her not so Clueless closet

Well, luckily for me Estee Lauder have made my childhood fantasies a reality with their “30 Shades in 30 Seconds”. This is a tablet that lets you try on 30 shades and finishes of lipstick before selecting which one you want to try in real life.

Estee Edit 30 Shades In 30 Seconds
As a lipstick connoisseur (see these previous posts) I was intrigued; however, I must admit that I was sceptical expecting an unrealistic attempt at colouring my lips and probably missing the outline of my real lips. Yet what the screen delivered was a perfectly applied true to shade match – perfection.

The future of cosmetics shopping
Now whilst this sounds as fun as a snapchat filter (and it is- trusts me – a video on my Instagram is here!), like Cher’s closet, it actually has some uses. Firstly, it is much better seeing a lipstick colour contrasted with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour – rather than just your skin on the back of your hand. Secondly, you avoid the mess and chapped lip sensation of switching between swatching colours. Finally, you can hygienically try on lipsticks even when a counter adviser is busy. Also, there is something about VR being super easy and fast which encourages you to try a lip colour you haven’t previously considered – for example, I discovered that I need to start wearing more dark purples!

Darker than my usual, but I love it!
I experienced the magic of this virtual reality lipstick playground last week in Carnaby Street at an Estee Edit event which celebrated The Glamour Beauty Festival. The Estee Edit store is super modern and is filled one side with Estee Lauder products and the other side with their Estee Edit (Which I am obsessed obsessed obsessed with!). I picked up a fair few products which will follow in another post.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
Rebellious Rose
One of the products I picked up was one of the lipsticks I tried on virtually! Rebellious Rose is a rich warm rose colour with a moisturising texture and lovely sheen. It glides on with a strong colour deposit pigmentation. I’m a real fan and would have never picked a muted warm coral in my life without the VR trial!

If you get the chance head down to Estee Edit store do! It is full of other interactive make-up stations, meaning that even if you haven’t managed to catch the eye of one of their consultants there is still plenty to play with and loads to learn from.


The store includes tutorial pods which have product videos from artists, influencers and celebrities – these are great at showing how to use a product and its benefits. Then there is the more entertaining features – huge mirrors which take polaroids of your beauty look! Plus, everyone who works there is super helpful, informed and talented! It also goes without saying that the make-up is enchanting, not that you would expect anything less from Estee!

So #lovelipremix and find a VR stand live like Cher to find your new shade!

April 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.10

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  1. Kali Borovic says:

    How cool! Great post xx.

    1. Thanks, it was very cool! xx

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