Tale No.6 // A Perfect Kind Of Beach Day: Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer


A perfect kind of beach day with the ideal skin shortcut

I would class myself as a vitamin sea addict and now thanks to the Body shop I can class myself as a Vitamin C addicted too. Growing up on the sandy shores of Dorset meant spending ever second the moment a slither of the sun appeared living out some form of mermaid fantasy. Bodyshop’s Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer in a neat little orangey peach coloured moisturiser. It lifts my skin to its post-beach day state so it looks refreshed, relaxed and perky.

Vitamin C peach and orange toned moisturiser

You see I love London for a million and 1 reasons but skin pollution is not one of them. After a mere month here my skin had a flat greyness similar to the majority of English skies, but this small orange tube lifts my skin making it brighter and less flat. It looks great under foundation making it glow like a day in the sea air.

A fresh start in skincare for Gigi levels of brightness

Vitamin C is very on trend in the skin world at the moment, with great products from Clinique, The Ordinary and Kiehl’s being some of my favourites. It is great for combatting skin pollution with its antioxidant properties, has anti-inflammatory benefits and is renowned for adding brightness to the skin. It also can help combat UV damage, though obviously, it goes without saying that SPF should be slathered on in the first place, it is still good to know! So now my Vitamin Sea and Vitamin C goes hand in hand.

Refreshed skin with an inner brightness

On top of all the benefits of Vitamin C, the moisturiser in Body Shops glow enhance is that it also makes your skin extremely smooth, a great base for foundation or under makeup.

Now, whilst it is described as a glow enhancer this is in some ways misleading, as it is more of a brightener then ‘glow-er’ and shouldn’t be confused with the luminous glow of a highlighter or any form of light reflecting pigment. Rather, the peach tones lift the skin to give it an inner brightness and look of rejuvenation akin to colour correcting concealer.

All in all, I am a real fan, not as much of a fan as I am of the beach but a fan none the less! Plus it is very affordable and currently half price.

Vitamin Sea

April 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.6

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  1. Kiya Gould says:

    love this post! – love your blog! i am from Dorset too 🙂 where abouts are you from?

    1. Aw thank you so much! I am a fan of yours too! I’m from Sandbanks/Poole area, how about you? x

      1. Kiya Gould says:

        wow, i love it there! i live on Portland.. that island as far as you can go! haha x

  2. Kiya Gould says:

    Hey! i mentioned this post in my recent blog – https://myskinobsession.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/favourite-blog-posts-this-week-5/ go check it out 🙂 x

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