Tale No.5 // A Classic Kind Of First Impression: Beauty Pie Precision Eyeliner Marker

The first time I ever fell completely and utterly obsessed with a celebrity it was Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  I loved her so ardently that I spent hours upon hours pouring over images and articles about her whilst watching every film of hers I could find; my favourite is still Roman Holiday but Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s come close.

This is when my obsession with the simple yet commanding feline flick started and so too begins my love-hate relationship with liquid eyeliner. I have dedicated far too much time, money and effort in my quest to find the simplest to use wand which is paired with the darkest most long lasting formula, my only goal has been to have a product which I know will create this flirtatious look perfectly every time.

A look which made a lasting impression with Beauty Pie Marker

Yet for all the hundreds of eyeliners I have tried there have only ever been three noble companions: Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner, L’Oréal Super Liner and M.A.C fluid line (a gel, not a liquid but an absolute make-up bag must). They all are easy enough to use, produce super dark black lines and have an unrivalled staying power; helping me to create a thin line which subtly gets wider towards the middle of the eye before flicking out into a precise small wedge.

Wedge shaped wing

I wouldn’t go on a first date, a job interview or any other occasion which calls for an Audrey level first impression without a feline flick. To me it draws a look together, being sophisticated when subtle but dramatic and sexy when needed. I am forever grateful my 13-year-old self for committing days, weeks and months of our early adolescent to perfect the art of a high angled flick akin to Audrey.

A classic kind of first impression: Beauty pie Precision Eyeliner Marker

Then as I said in my last post adult life hit and most days it just isn’t that practical to spend a lifetime making sure both eyes are perfectly balanced and pointed to perfection. I was letting my 13-year-old self down, let alone Audrey, on a daily basis often choosing to skip my favourite staple all together only to feel unsatisfied with my eye make up the second I got to the office. That’s where Beauty Pie, a brand which I will discuss in a future tale, saved the day!

Felt tip marker

Their Precision Eyeliner Marker creates my beloved flick with minimal effort and time and wasn’t a disappointment, unlike all other markers I have tried. The marker smoothly glides over the eye, not pulling or needing to be retraced.

It leaves a darkly pigmented line and its firm yet soft nib makes a flick easy. It creates a sharp line which is more similar to liquid than felt-tip it doesn’t fray around the edges or bleed, unlike other eyeliner markers. Plus it stays put and does not budge at all for at least 12 hours, not even flaking off at the side as I sometimes find even with liquids.

I fell for it almost as fast as I fell for Audrey, it is everything I need in the morning – fast drying, easy to use and matt black– it made quite the first impression much like Audrey herself.

Effortless to use

April 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.5

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