Tale No.3 // A Power Play: M.A.C Shadescents Velvet Teddy


M.A.C Shadescent in Velvet Teddy

As discussed in my previous tale I have a real lipstick Vice when it comes to M.A.C’s Velvet Teddy. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that I am utterly intoxicated by the Shadescent of the same name.

This heavy musk is as equally smoky as it is honey sweet: allowing me to transgress from day to night seamlessly, just as with its fraternal lipstick.  “Drinks this evening sometime after you finish work?”, the scent has me covered even if it and I were unaware of this devilish plan this morning. It has the staying power like no other perfume I’ve encountered lingering on the skin, soft yet powerful.

When I’m sat on the tube after a long day It’s sensual and distinctive notes beckon me into an all too familiar world of low- lit corners and never ending bar tabs. In fact, this is not a bar, this is our bar: ‘The Bootlegger’ – an underground time capsule hidden in London city.

A prohibition cocktail from The Bootlegger

The smoky notes of Velvet Teddy are reminiscent of an old friend sat at said bar; a friend who was never too careful with his boundaries, debonair in his graces and arrestingly charming. The honey notes bow down to the dominant darkness but are not overpowered, keeping their syrupy innocence in the air.

Both sides of this scent are entwined and enveloped by each other struggling in a fierce power play – much like ourselves whenever we find ourselves here. Whist Velvet Teddy is a seductive scent this encounter is strictly professional – slowly the games begin the same hop-scotch since I was a fresher, and he older.  But the question remains which one of us has it together and which one is faking?

I still don’t know the answer to that conundrum, but what I do know is that I hold my ground no long a teddy but now a bear. When Velvet Teddy is on my skin it gives me conviction, grounding me with its similarities to my mother’s Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. When wearing it I feel that I too a confident women more than capable of dealing with the power plays of life, for I am robust and self-assured – just like my new signature scent. M.A.C you slayed it once again!

March 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.3

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