Tale No.1 // A Text From A Certain Ex: Tom Daxon Magnolia Heights


Tom Daxon’s Magnolia Heights is like a text from a certain ex: I kind of hate it, I kind of love it and ultimately, I’m addicted to it – not able to stop myself coming back to it again and again throughout the day.

Just like I labour over every word he sent, I find myself dissecting every note of this delightfully distinctive scent. Its delicate masculinity unfolds with every inhale and, much like the man, makes a lasting imprint.Violet leaf, Gardenia and Yalang Yalang entwine in a complicated love triangle to create a musky lingering sweetness.

I am truly captivated, distracted every time I catch its aroma floating in the air or lingering on my sheets. Whenever I hover over that message ready to revoke my read receipt with a reply, to begin the waiting game for a millionth time I inhale…and there my new obsession Magnolia Heights is there to comfort, sooth and settle me.

A mysterious scent, fraught with intricacies but beautiful none the less. A new mantra develops – phone off, scent on – because really who has time for texts from a certain ex.

March 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.1

Judging Tom Daxon among other scents for Stylist Best Beauty Awards 

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  1. Described beautifully!!

    1. Thank you, that means a lot!

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