Tale No.2 // A Beloved Bear: M.A.C Velvet Teddy

M.A.C Velvet Teddy

Much like the beloved stuffed bunny from my childhood, frayed at the seams from being carted from place to place but utterly loved there is MAC’s Velvet Teddy my faithful sidekick – adored but worn. 

A perfect balance of brown and pink, this muted nude is supremely wearable for both day and night. It’s soft warm shade is more alluringly adult than evocative of child’s play yet it maintains an air of innocence.

Wearing my beloved Velvet Teddy with a subtle brown eye

It delivers a mature look when paired with a subtle eye but can be revved up to a seductive shade with a supremely smokey eye saved for nights out of the Toybox (ie.Toy Room).

I possess not one but two teddy tubes, just like a well-prepared parent ready to cart out Mr bunny no2 when Mr Bunny the original just can’t be located and tantrums are in full swing. You see it is always wise to have a backup bear

 For there is no greater fear after a night out than reaching into my clutch only to realise my favourite lipstick has been abandoned into the streets of London whilst I was falling out of a cab. It can’t just be me that checks for my lipstick before my phone or wallet – right?

MAC Velvet Teddy Swatched

Despite having 40 or so other shades to choose from in my collection this one is treasured my hand grabs for it way before my mind has settled on the shade.

A steadfast favourite which never fails to make me feel pulled together, confident and when I need it sexy. I have a feeling that just like my bunny, velvet Teddy will be by my side way into adulthood!

March 2017// A Beauty Tale from Livs //no.2

One Comment Add yours

  1. Leigh Smith92 says:

    Velvet Teddy is my absolute fave! Always an everyday go to.
    Love Leigh

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